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Along with Tarot readings, Kiymbah offers a multitude of Healing Arts Modalities to assist clients in transforming their lives.


Oracular Divination

  • Hire The Primal Mystic for your event! Kiymbah Tytania, The Primal Mystic has been working with and studying Tarot since 1996.  She has worked as a phone psychic & offers services at a number of festivals, events, weddings, office parties and more.  She can do a 'Living Tarot' reading performance for your guests, the group or a person of honor.  This service can come with or without the Primal Mystic Tarot booth. 


Spiritual Guidance Sessions

  •  I provide insight which can help you discover your heart's desire.  We create our reality.  We can do that consciously or unconsciously.  The work we do together can help you to be more informed about your inner world, so that you can consciously co-create with the Universe.  I’m not a future teller, but rather I assist you to create the future you dream of.


Cord Cutting, Spell Removal, Purification by Light

  • Release old stuck energy from your past. 

  • Create closure when it's time to end a relationship.

  • Shift the energy of a relationship that's not working.

  • Release blockages from anything holding you back.

  • Reset your energy so you can move forward with clear intentions for your future.

  • Set new intentions for the future you wish to manifest. 


Light Activation

Full protocol activation consists of:

  • 9thChakra Clearing & Balancing

  • Balancing of Magnetic lines

  • Lotus Flower Blossoms 

  • DNA Activation

  • Kodon Reading

  • Etheric Surgery

Assorted Crystals

Crystal Grids

  • I can design, embue and install a custom crystal grid system, connected by delicate copper wire for specific rooms in your home, or for your entire home. 

Wedding Rings

Wedding Officiant

  • I can help unite you and your partner in a wedding or handfasting ceremony and am available to officiate for those and other rites of passage. Please contact me for references and booking.

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