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"Welcome.  I'm Kiymbah, The Primal Mystic, and I would like to invite you into my Temple.


Here you will find yourself.  Your highest frequency self, your advanced healed and confident self. We can explore your inner world, answer your deep questions and align your soul with the divine path you are being called to. 

I read Tarot and a variety of Oracle cards while also speaking with your Spirit Guides. I relay specific messages just for you in ways that you can receive them."

- Kiymbah

Healing is work we do together. It is magick that we co-create. I provide the container and the insights, you walk through the door into your own transformation and healing.


Your entire life can change by simply shifting your perspective. That is the potential here- Life transformation into your highest vibration and incarnation here on Earth.

It is my honor to work with you, if this is a path you choose to walk down.


Kiymbah Tytania, The Primal Mystic has been working with and studying Tarot since 1996.  She has worked as a phone psychic & offers services at a number of festivals, events, weddings, office parties and more.  

Along with Tarot readings, Kiymbah offers a multitude of Healing Arts Modalities to assist clients in transforming their lives. 

Kiymbah is also a performance artist, fire dancing, belly dance infusion and live Tarot performance group readings.

Hire The Primal Mystic booth to elevate any event.  You're guests will appreciate the insight they gain from even a short conversation with this Fortune Teller.

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